My journey towards becoming a helping professional may initially appear as a collection of random events. However, upon reflection, I see a purposeful path in these experiences.

From a young age, I was captivated by the human body’s athletic prowess. Watching sports championships on television sparked a desire in me to excel in various sports. During my adolescence in Hungary, I emerged as a competitive swimmer, often starting my day with a 5:40 AM swim. This dedication caused fatigue in my school classes, but the love for the sport was undeniable. Later, high school years were dominated by basketball, but this passion transitioned after graduation.

At 19, I was introduced to Aikido, a Japanese martial art emphasizing calm discipline and respect for the opponent. This philosophy resonated with me, and for two decades, I practiced Aikido systematically. Although my move to Brussels in 2010 disrupted my routine, I continued to engage in various sports like football, tennis, and squash. Physical activity remained a core part of my identity.

In 2022, an unexpected knee injury forced me to slow down and embrace physiotherapy. This period was challenging, especially when a back injury left me bedridden and unable to attend significant life events, including my son’s graduation. This experience was humbling and led to a significant shift in my mindset.

A chance encounter with a neighbor, an experienced Reiki practitioner, offered a new perspective. My wife and I were intrigued and desperate for a solution. This encounter led to a transformative Reiki session that remarkably improved my mobility. Inspired by this, I embarked on a journey to learn therapeutic techniques, starting with Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. Training under a renowned master, I became a certified therapist before the year’s end.

Further driven by my experience, I explored Reiki, training under Kubo Atsushi sensei, a direct descendant of the Usui Reiki lineage. My goal now is to alleviate the pain and suffering of others using my skills, empathy, and experiences.

I am committed to serving others with the utmost care and dedication. It would be an honor to have your trust, which I assure you, will never be taken for granted.

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